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Got a great idea for a video game? You're not alone! But how do you turn the idea into an actual game? And what if you don't know how to program or create art?


We respect each and every inventor and understand your ideas are precious to you. Of course, submitting an idea through this website does not mean it is unique and that you have exclusive rights to the “idea” behind it, because many submitted concepts may already exist in the world or be very similar to others. But if your idea is one that we haven’t already dreamed up, we are not currently working on, and hasn’t been previously produced … then we will certainly consider it. Even if we don’t ultimately decide to use it, just make sure you keep inventing!



Watching children play with their food gave one inventor his big idea, and that’s where our world famous Words4money was born! Inspiration is everywhere! Take inspiration from the world around you and let your imagination run wild!


Don’t let that great idea escape, get it down on paper as soon as possible! Since the invention, Words4money has gone through a lot of changes, all of which began with drawing out his new look. So sketch, create, doodle, prototype and bring your invention to life.

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Get £250 for every idea!!



Gaming checklist

  • Gaming idea/concept must be completely original and written by the applicant. We understand that there may be similarities but there must be no specific references or characters to any currently copyrighted intellectual properties.
  • All relevant sections in the application form must be completed to the best of the applicant’s ability. If any assistance or further clarification is required please contact us via the channels on our contact us page.
  • The game’s story must take place in the United Kingdom and must have some references to known landmarks or locations.
  • A brief overview will need to be completed. In the overview section there should be a brief synopsis of the game with a clear and concise description about what the game is and where is the game set and why. Does not need to be overtly detailed but should contain enough information to be classed as a summary.
  • The next section should include background information on the lead characters. 2 – 3 lead characters with detailed background information such as their history, motives and what role they play in the game.
  • The applicant will have to show diversity, which will require the applicant to show that they have implemented a varied array of elements within the game, be it different locations or characters which accurately reflect the diversity of British culture and ethnic groups.
  • Lastly, the applicant will be required to write a relatively detailed script including dialogue and stage direction that will allow any reader to coherently follow the story and appreciate the direction of the game. This does not need to be done to a professional standard but must contain enough information that it encompasses all the characters and story within the game.

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